I believe that both women and men have the right to get waxed in a respectful and non-judge mental environment. I pride myself on having created a friendly and welcoming environment for all bodies, shapes, sizes, colors and genders!!!  


  • Classic Bikini $30 The Classic bikini removes the hair on your bikini line
  • French Bikini $37 The French Bikini goes in a little farther than the Classic Bikini.
  • Strip or Triangle Bikini $50 The Strip or Triangle Bikini wax removes everything from front to back, but a strip or triangle is left straight down the middle!
  • Strip or Triangle Bikini Maintenance $40 (If your appointment falls within 30 days of your last appointment.)
  • Brazilian Bikini $55 ​The Brazilian Bikini leaves you completely bare, literally. All hair is removed from front to back.
  • Brazilian Maintenance $45 (If your appointment falls within 30 days of your last appointment.)
  • Rear End $20 Both the butt cheeks and inner crack are waxed.
  • Happy Trail​ $8
  • Inner Thigh $10
  • Breast $10
  • Hands $10
  • Feet Including Toes $12
  • Lower or Upper Leg $40
  • Full Legs $65
  • Full Leg with Classic Bikini $85 Full leg wax in addition to the Classic Bikini Wax which removes the hair from the sides of your bikini line. 
  • Full Leg with French Bikini $95 Full leg wax along with a French Bikini wax. The French goes in a little farther than the Classic Bikini and also removes a small strip off the top of your hair line.
  • Full Leg with Strip or Triangle Bikini $110 Full leg wax in addition to the Strip/Triangle bikini wax.
  • Full Leg with Brazilian Bikini $115 Full leg wax and a Brazilian bikini wax, where all the hair from the front to the back is removed, leaving you completely bare.
  • Lower or Upper Arms $25
  • Full Arms $40 Includes hands and fingers. 
  • Underarms $15
  • Lip OR Chin $10 
  • Nose $12
  • Sideburns $12 Removal of hair from sides of woman's face.  
  • Eyebrows $20 Wax, shape, trim, and tweeze.  
  • Eye Brow Tinting $22
  • Full Back $35 Women's full back wax, from top of shoulders to lower back right above underwear line. 
  • Lower Back $15
  • Nape of Neck $15
  • Full Face with Brows $50 Full face wax including brows, lip, chin, sideburns & cheeks.  
  • Full Face without Brows $35 Face wax including lip, chin, sideburns & chee


  • Nape of Neck $15
  • Upper or Lower Back $40
  • Chest with Stomach $60 The pectoral area and stomach are waxed.  
  • Chest Only $40 
  • Full Legs $65 ​Men's full leg wax, including top of feet and toes.
  • Upper or Lower Leg $40
  • Full Arms $40
  • Hands $10
  • Upper or Lower Arm $25
  • Hands $12
  • Eyebrows $15
  • Unibrow $8
  • Full Back $55
  • Mens Ears $10
  • Mens Rear $20 Men's rear end wax, cheeks only.
  • Nose $12
  • Brozilian/Manzilian* $65
  • Brozilian/Manzilian Maintenance* $55


I decided to perform all-male body waxing services when opening my own salon. I believe that men have the right to be waxed in a safe and non-threatening and respectful environment. All I ask is the same respect is given to in return, Waxx House and Aesthetics has a strict “No Funny Business” policy. Any Male requesting services must adhere to the "No Funny Business" policy" that no inappropriate advances be made, and if the esthetician performing the services is made to feel uncomfortable in any way, the service will immediately be stopped. We understand this may be an uncomfortable encounter at first, but it is a professional hair removal service and should be treated as such.